Ex-Prisoners Nabbed for Illegal Gun Possession


In Namwera Trading Centre, Mangochi, two former convicts found in possession of a firearm and two live rounds of ammunition were apprehended by the police on Wednesday.

The suspects, identified as Bashir Ayami, 20, and Mustapha Antonio Stanley, 34, hail from Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi, according to Amina Tepani Daudi, the spokesperson for Mangochi Police Station.

Daudi disclosed that Ayami had been on the run since his escape from Mangochi Prison in March 2024, while Stanley had a prior conviction for robbery. Acting on a community tip-off, law enforcement swiftly moved in and arrested the pair.

Upon their arrest, they were found in possession of a pistol with the serial number R1YGCPRYS01-2300846, along with two rounds of ammunition. Additionally, Stanley confessed to stealing a bicycle from Nsanama in Machinga District.

During interrogation, Ayami admitted to escaping from prison and fleeing to South Africa, where he joined forces with Stanley and other criminals. They returned to Malawi after stealing the pistol.

Ayami faces charges of escaping from lawful custody and possessing a firearm without a permit, while Stanley is charged with firearm possession without a permit and theft.

The police expressed gratitude to the community for their assistance in combating crime.


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