MPs accused of abandoning constituencies


It has been established that since the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) gazetted the establishment of new constituencies, most Members of Parliament (MPs) have stopped developing their mandated areas and are focusing on the newly demarcated constituencies.

A good example is Balaka Central East constituency registrar, Honorable Chifundo Makande, who is being reported to have completely abandoned his constituency, and he is currently focusing on the Rivirivi constituency.

Malawi24 journalists visited the said constituency and people said that they are in the dark as they are failing to trace the whereabouts of their MP. 

But, according to information that some chiefs in the area told this reporter, the Member of Parliament stopped visiting the constituency a long time ago. 

The chiefs from the area further alleged that even with the said Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the current Member of Parliament is using the funds to implement some development activities in the constituency where he has decided to contest in 2025.

Some communities that also spoke to Malawi24 Publication agreed with the chiefs.

‘Some people want to dent my name’-Makande.

“Let me agree with our chiefs. I don’t even remember the last time I saw our Member of Parliament here, we have just heard that he has decided to abandon us and move to Rivirivi Constituency. Currently, we don’t even know what to do, we have nowhere to go. Unfortunately, he has decided to bury us in the grave by abandoning us. We wish him well wherever he goes,” said Rahim Abdallah.

But on his part, Makande dismissed the allegations, saying he knew some people wanted to dent his name.

“I am well aware of what is happening in the constituency. Some people who have shown interest in contesting in the 2025 elections as Members of Parliament are the ones saying that I have abandoned the constituency.

“I think maybe they are new in the constituency because I am doing so many developments using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). With CDF, we have managed to construct two courts at Sawali and Mpoto. At Chipyoli, we have constructed a CCBC center, and at Malaya, we have constructed a bridge,” said Makande.

On the other hand, Makande has acknowledged that he has not been visible in the constituency but said that doesn’t mean he is not bringing developments through CDF.

One of the social commentators in the country, Francis Liyati, has challenged all the sitting Members of Parliament to play their cards well when deciding where to go during the 2025 elections.

“What I have observed is that most Members of Parliament have indeed abandoned their constituencies, others have gone as far as using the CDF to where they want to contest in the 2025 elections, which is unfortunate,” said Liyati.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Electoral Commission has added one constituency to the 2025 general election and Balaka district has four constituencies at the moment.