Workers at Pirimiti Hospital wants board to fire hospital director

Hospital Workers during the protests

Workers at Pirimiti Hospital of the Catholic Church are on strike as they seek to force hospital board to fire Hospital Director, Sister Mary Njuguna, for allegedly mistreating them and for selective consideration on promotions.

One of the protestors who opted for anonymity told Malawi24 that Sister Njuguna has been a problem since becoming hospital director some few years ago such that some people have been dismissed for no valid reasons.

Sister Mary Njuguna

The workers also demanded that Hospital Patron Beatrice Chisale, and Patron Happy Bruno be fired for allegedly mistreating them.

Pirimiti Hospital workers promised to continue with the strike until hospital board responds favourably to their demand, saying they have been writing to ask the board to fire Sister Njuguna to no avail.

Before the strike, the workers had presented their concerns to Bishop of Zomba Diocese, Right Rev. Alfred Chaima, hospital board members, Christian Health Association of Malawi (Cham) Labour Office, Hospital Director and Hospital Matron.

They alleged that the hospital administration refuses them opportunity for further studies, they’re denied promotions, their salary is deducted after receiving medication at the hospital and that the hospital doesn’t help them in any way when a staff member is bereaved let alone assisting them with a coffin.

The striking workers said the director, matron and patron have no proper qualifications for their respective positions and have since accused the board for hiring them without interviews.

“We’re fed up. We’ve been going through a lot of mistreatments and we’re demanding that these people should be dismissed immediately,” said one of the workers who still insisted for anonymity

Chair of the board of Pirimiti Hospital, Dr. Raphael Piringu said he was aware of the issues raised but was not happy with the strike. He said there could be a better way to find solutions to the issues.

Dr. Piringu who has been chair of the board for two weeks added that Bishop Chaima went to discuss with the workers but the discussions yielded no good results.


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