The Rise of Online Betting in Tanzania


Image: Unsplash

Betting has always been a popular practice in Tanzania, even before the emergence of formal wagering establishments. Soon after the locals had gotten used to land-based casinos and physical sportsbooks, they went crazy about online betting. Today, many adult Tanzanians regularly engage in web-based wagering, and if you’re curious about its development within the country’s borders, this article will tell you all about it. 

The Growth of Internet-Based Betting

The betting industry is booming in Tanzania, with numerous bookies racing for the attention of today’s punters. As new online sportsbooks keep emerging on a regular basis, players often turn to reliable review platforms like where they can find unbiased testimonials about the top virtual bookmakers in the country. Once the punters identify a reputable online bookmaker they like, they can start betting on a variety of sports, including football, tennis, boxing, cricket, and much more. Thanks to a high demand for online wagering, this year the market reached a revenue of 140 billion Tanzanian shillings, which is 8 billion more than last year. 

Factors that Contribute to the Market’s Rise

Online betting has been skyrocketing in Tanzania, and its development was driven by the following factors:

Mobile Device Penetration

Nowadays, almost all adult Tanzanians own mobile phones, and this is the case in both urban and rural areas. The increased availability and affordability of smartphones, as well as improved access to the internet, contributed largely to the rise of online sports betting in the country. As a result, Tanzanian bettors now get to enjoy the luxury of watching live streaming of football matches played anywhere in the world while engaging in live betting at the same time.

Inborn Passion for Sports

Mobile technologies are great, but if it wasn’t for the genuine passion for sports nurtured among Tanzanians, the growth of online betting would never have reached such heights. The people of Tanzania are crazy about sports, and their favorite category is definitely football. The current hype behind football started developing in the 1930s, and it spiked during the game between the local clubs Yanga and Simba. The football pitch was full of passionate fans, and the most dedicated ones engaged in underground sports betting, as there were still no laws that would regulate the practice. Today’s physical bookmaker shops are constantly filled with sports enthusiasts, and their online counterparts can brag about having even more visitors.

Ease of Access

Convenience is still one of the main reasons why Tanzanians love betting online. Namely, the emergence of online bookies allows locals to place wagers from the comfort of their homes. And thanks to the rise of mobile betting, they can even engage in their favorite pastime on the go. Therefore, there is no need to spend time and money on commuting in order to visit physical bookies. Furthermore, online gambling sites are open 24/7, so players do not have to think about the opening and closing times of their preferred venues. 

Broad Selection of Gaming Options

Online betting sites offer an unmatched variety of wagering options. So as long as you sign up with a high-quality platform, you will get to enjoy all the traditional bets everyone is used to, as well as some more exciting features like in-play bets that are rarely available in land-based establishments. Also, if you’re interested in betting on specific game results or particular player performances, a good online bookie will have you covered.

Laws and Regulations in the Country

Tanzania made sports betting legal back in 2003, and it was the first country in East Africa to do so. Moreover, in the same year, the country’s officials formed the Gaming Board of Tanzania ( which was designed to oversee all sorts of betting activities within its borders. Thanks to that, the locals can rely on a dedicated gaming authority to ensure transparent and safe wagering conditions at all times.

Online betting has been experiencing a serious rise in Tanzania, and the locals keep looking forward to exciting new options that can only be seen in the world of virtual gambling. Even though the practice has been popular among the locals long before the emergence of web-based platforms, Tanzanians are thrilled to place bets on digital platforms.