Federalism Institute threatens to shut down borders


Federalism Institute in collaboration with Youth Rise Up and Economic Representative Platform has threatened to lead Malawians in a democratic governance revolution on 20th August next month which will include the closure of all country’s borders and airports.

Founder of the Instititute Lusungu Mwakhwawa said this yesterday in Lilongwe during a Press Briefing.

Speaking at the presser, Mwakhwawa said the institute is calling on the State President to initiate the referendum on the adoption of Federalism in the country through the proposal they previously submitted which is not yet responded.

He then warned that come rain or sunshine, they will shut down all borders including Kamuzu International Airport on 20th August next month by leading a democratic governance revolution as previously announced as one way of forcing the president to initiate on the referendum.

“The President has no choice for this call and we will go ahead with this democratic revolution next month,” he added.

He said Malawians have suffered under unitary system of governance which is centred on self interests, manipulation and exploitation of smallholder farmers and selective justice.

“Malawi has been struggling with multitude of challenges including poverty, lack of industrialisation, lack of technological and infrastructure development and also high rate of unemployment,” he said.

He added that Federalism Instititute has been demanding for referendum through different channels to liberate Malawians from current situation.

He also indicated that the instititute in collaboration with other stakeholders penned Malawi Electoral Commission to cease preparations for the next elections until there has been evaluation of governance system in Malawi.

Mwakhwawa is of the view that federal system of governance will work better and effectively for citizens compared to the current unitary system.

During last sitting of Parliament, one Member of Parliament brought a motion for deliberation of the federal system which was rejected.

In his submission, Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo said the motion to deliberate about federalism was by then not a pressing issue.

Additional reporting by Synd Kalimbuka