Malawian actor lands leading role in Lion King


Owen Killapuseh Chaponda, a 26-year-old Malawian, is set to to star as Simba in the The Lion King Musical.

Blantyre-born Chaponda has landed the leading role of Simba in The Lion King Musical which opens today.

He has told the local media that he is excited after landing the role.

“I have always dreamt of playing this role. I am not just representing my family but also my country,” said Chaponda.

The Lion King which opens today at 2:30pm (UK) in West End in London, United Kingdom has been running for 24 years and is arguably the world’s biggest theatrical show run by Disney World.

The story is about Simba, a lion cub who is heir to his father’s throne. Simba’s uncle Scar kills the king Mufasa and seizes the throne, forcing Simba into exile. However, Simba later returns to fight for the throne.

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