Bushiri’s Goshen City named among 30 emerging business brands in Middle East and Africa


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Goshen City has been awarded as one of 30 emerging business brands in the Middle East and Africa.

At a grand, glitz and glamour award ceremony conference held in Dubai on Thursday, the awarder—the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) emerging markets—underlined that the awards are meant to encourage and inspire emerging business leaders and companies to transform their business, meet the needs of their customers and inspire communities.

According to the brief, Goshen City was among 100 nominated companies, out of which only 30 companies emerged winners according to a strict process by the MENA’s Jury and Selection Committee.

Reads the brief: “Though still under construction, Goshen City is one of the most followed corporate brands in the world, attracting the interest of various business leaders and companies across the world. This award is meant to encourage, motivate and inspire Goshen City.”

Speaking at the event, guest of honor, former French President Francois Hollande who personally handed the award to Goshen City, said the companies being recognized represent the future of global business.

“They are the hope in the face of the challenges caused by the competing global geo-political and business interests spearheaded by the West, on one hand, and China and Russia, on the other hand,” he said.

President of Goshen City, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who was represented by his elder brother Apostle Misheck Bushiri, at the event, welcomed the award.

According to Apostle Bushiri, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri sent himto speak on his behalf and say:  “This award is for all Malawians. They have been supporting the project both locally and politically. I appreciate the award and promise that Goshen City will bring the world to Africa.”

This was MENA’s 8th award ceremony, and since their establishment, they have awarded over 200 business leaders and companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Goshen City is a commercial and tourist city which is under construction in Mangochi. Bushiri describes the multi-billion kwacha project as a game changer but critics say authorities need to investigate source of funds for the project.

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