Is this the first human God created? Adam 3D model that resembles Vin Diesel goes viral


…’Scientists’ reconstructed 3D models of Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus Christ?

‘Scientists at Princeton University’ are said to have reconstructed a 3D model of Adam who Christians and other religious believers allege to be the first human God created.

Is this how Joseph, husband of Mary, looked like?

The image with uncanny resemblance to actor Vin Diesel was first tweeted by indie theatre operator Alamo Drafthouse NYC.

However, Alamo Drafthouse NYC clearly stated in its follow up Tweet that the Adam-Vin-Diesel 3D model is satirical. Even that has not stopped thousands of people liking and retweeting the image. More than 130 thousand people have liked the photo on Twitter.

“Scientists at Princeton University have reconstructed this 3D model of how Adam, the first human being created by God, might have looked”, tweeted the company.

But satirical details of the tweet, like the small prints of T&C, were carefully buried in a follow up Tweet three hours later after the first.

“Just a reminder that we’re a movie theater, not an academic journal”, tweeted Alamo Drafthouse NYC, implying its earlier Tweet which has received more than 30 thousand retweets is satirical.

Another satirical Tweet that scientist at Stanford University have reconstructed a 3D model of how Joseph, the husband of Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ might have looked, also went viral.


A similar satirical tweet said another 3D model showed how Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, looked like Lady Gaga.

The satirical phase of 3D is upon us.