Bucci bounces back with the new single “Apapa”

By Roy Kafoteka

R&B artist, Bucci has finally broken away from his 8-month hiatus, coming back ready to tackle the limelight and show his proud Malawian fans things much bigger and better.

Buchi took the chance away to reinvest in himself as well as to better understand the way he would like to reach out to the Malawian people and the international market.

The musician is hoping that Malawi will see him not just as an artist, but as an advocate for the people.

In light of the journey he has begun, the first single to be released will be one that speaks for the unheard.

The first official single from his new upcoming album, “Apapa” is a sign language in a way of a song that speaks for everyone, in and around the world.

“Deaf people face so many challenges, and they are not really spoken for. So upon watching a few TV interviews, I felt like this is an area we need to tackle, and I’m just glad that my team was able to support that,” said Bucci.

The deaf community has been ignored for too long, and Bucci would like to take this opportunity to be their voice in a pool of voices that continue to overlook and oppress them.

“We have been busy preparing songs for the album. And this also being the priority single, because our main aim is to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing community.”

“So there are stories within the song, and there are stories within the video of the song, which are untold and we plan to bring them out to light. So just want to urge people to stay alert and be on the lookout for that,” he said.

As a brand, he hopes that the song inspires the nation to reach out, hold hands, and do our best to strive for inclusivity for our deaf citizens.

This is just the beginning of Bucci’s journey to lifting himself, lifting up his peers, and lifting up Malawi.

Buchi says is dedicated to giving the country and the world a more seasoned and mature version of himself.

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