Primate Ayodele: Nigerian Prophet that foretold Rishi Sunak’s emergence as UK Prime Minister


Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, foretold that the next prime minister of United Kingdom will be Rishi Sunak.

He mentioned that God has ordained Rishi to take over the baton from Boris Johnson who was then the immediate past prime minister of the United Kingdom. The prophet even went ahead to mention some of the things that will occur in his administration when he emerges.

These were his words: ‘’Rishi Sunak has been ordained by God to become the next Prime minister of the United Kingdom, God has anointed him to take over the baton from Boris Johnson. Under his administration, I see efforts for the United Kingdom to return to the European Union” (


Some days before election, Primate Ayodele spoke again and made it known that the ambition of Rishi Sunak is being threatened even though God wants him to be the next Prime minister. He noted that Rishi has some roles to play if he wanted the word of God to come to pass in his life.

These were his words

‘’Rishi Sunak should buckle up because he will lose support if he doesn’t manage his words well. He should re-arrange himself technically, politically and economically so that he won’t face disappointment. His opponent, Liz Truss, is about to take the lead if he doesn’t listen to God’s instruction. God wants him to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom but he has a role to play” (

When Liz Truss emerged as the PM, several people criticized Primate Ayodele for not ‘getting it right’ regarding the next Prime minister of the United Kingdom but the man of God whose prophecies always come to pass responded with a statement that Liz Truss will not finish what she started.

Of course, not many UK Prime ministers finished their tenure so some that heard these words felt Primate Ayodele spoke based on the events that had happened but little didn’t they know that the prophet never meant any of that.

These were his words

‘’Liz Truss will look friendly with some of her party members but when it gets to a point, she will take a step that will knock her government out. She will not finish what she has started but her beginning will be better than her end.’’

True to his words, Liz Truss’ government has been described as the shortest since 1980, she spent barely six weeks in the office of Prime minister.

Rishi Sunak has now emerged as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in an effortless manner because some of his strong contenders stepped down from the race. Boris Johnson had planned to participate in the election but stepped down.

Kemi Badenoch who contested in the last election threw her weight behind Rishi Sunak and these of course boosted his chances that led him to victory, It’s simply amazing.

Rishi Sunak’s emergence as UK Prime minister against all odds has placed Primate Elijah Ayodele far above his critics. Despite being a Nigerian, Primate Ayodele accurately prophesied the mysterious happenings in faraway United Kingdom, this is definitely not the works of flesh but of the spirit.

However, this is not alien to those that have been following Primate Elijah Ayodele since the inception of his prophetic ministry. His ministry has never been limited to a country, continent, sector, He is known to prophesy about every nation of the world, every sector of the country including the most ‘unimportant’ things like sports.

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