Wikise discourages saving culture in Njoyako


Controversial musician Wikise refuses to be disciplined as he encourages people to embrace the party culture at the expense of savings in his latest song called Njoyako.

According to Habusa, as the artist is fondly known, people should allow fun to take precedence when they have little money.

“K10, 000 singamange nyumba iwe njoyako (You cannot build a house with money as little as K10, 000 just allocate it to fun.),” says the song

However, the Chikamphulikire star has defended his song. He has said it is only encouraging people to consider fun after hard work.

“I have not committed any sin in my song. In fact, it is tackling an aspect of life which most people ignore due to ignorance,” he said

He added that most people are enjoying the song such that he has been forced to release it earlier than scheduled.

According to him, Njoyako`s release was slated for release in December.

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