Ntcheu Bwanje North MP drills 14 boreholes


Parliamentarian for Ntcheu Bwanje North, Nancy Chaola Mdooko has asked her constituents to guard jealously the 14 boreholes that have been drilled in the area.

Mdooko, who is Deputy Minister of Transport, was speaking in the area of Traditional Authority Masasa when she handed over the boreholes to the areas.

“Water is life, these boreholes will make people from Bwanje North to be healthy because they will be drinking clean water,” said Mdooko.

She asked the communities to take care of the boreholes and guard them from theft.

“I believe the people will take good care of these boreholes, I ask you to report any incident of theft and vandalism to traditional leaders and police,” said Mdooko.

She added that the drilling of the boreholes is one way of helping women to have potable water within their areas.

She announced that five more boreholes will be drilled in the area of Traditional Authority Ganya and Masasa

Speaking on the same, Martin Samuel Tchiti of the area said these boreholes will improve the health conditions of the people of the area.

He said this will also help women in the area to have time to take care of their homes and families than previous time where more time was spent looking for water as it was a long distance to get water.

He expressed gratitude to the parliamentarian for the safe water saying she is one of the few MPs who fulfills manifestos.

“We are happy and grateful, this was in her manifesto but now she has fulfilled one of the biggest things in her manifesto,” said Tchiti.

The drilling of other additional five boreholes will start soon in early September this year.

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