Three people found with K524,000 in fake currency


Police at Kawale in Lilongwe are keeping in custody three men who were found with K524,000 in fake K2000 banknotes.

The suspects have been identified as Stain Ngomani, 48, Robson Sauzande, 42 and Mac Donald Kachepa, 29.

According to Police, on August 10, 2022 the first two suspects went to an agro-business shop to buy two bags of maize worth K34,000 of which the duo paid cash in form of K2000 bank notes.

The shop owner, however, realized that the cash given was fake and this prompted him to report the matter to law enforcers at Area 23 Police Unit.

Investigations were initiated which led to the arrest of the first two suspects who later revealed the source and the producer of fake money being the third suspect who was later arrested at his house in Kaphiri.

The detectives also seized a laptop and printer which was being used to print the fake money.

After being searched, the suspects were also found with K524,000 cash in K2000 fake notes.

The trio will appear in court soon to answer charges of possessing, uttering and forging fake currency which is contrary to section 356 and 360 of the penal code respectively.

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