Trio survives after getting trapped in wrecked car under electricity transformer


A Blantyre based man has given testimony on how he and his two nephews survived after their car plunged into an electricity transformer and they got trapped in the car for about an hour under the danger of electrocution.

The man Kandani Ngwira has recounted the incident in a Facebook post on his wall today.

According to Ngwira, he was with his two nephews aged 27 and 14  on 2 August this year and the vehicle he was driving plunged into an electricity transformer. The transformer fell over the vehicle and with the risk of getting electrocuted, onlookers could not pull the three out of the vehicle.

“And immediately after the accident when we were trapped under the transformer, twice electricity sparks and that scary sound hit the car. People who came to pull us out dispersed fearing for their dear lives. I heard them saying the transformer still had residue power.

“We were trapped inside for over 45 minutes waiting for Escom (Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi) to come and rescue us.

“Inside I could hear people frantically calling Escom and desperately pleading with them to come quickly and rescue us. After the first spark, I called one boss informing him of our dire situation. I quickly explained that if power were switched back before we were pulled out, we would all perish. He assured me he would immediately issue instructions to the switchboard,” said Ngwira.

He added that Escom employees arrived 45 minutes after the accident and issued instructions to their office not to put power back on the affected line. The three were pulled out after the Escom workers arrived at the scene.

According to Ngwira, when he went to Escom later to report the accident, he was told that power was supposed to be restored to the area an hour before the accident happened.

He was also told that the sparks that happened during the accident occurred because Escom tried to switch on the power twice, but twice the switch tripped. Escom officials further told Ngwira that if any of the passengers had touched the metallic body of the car, it could have been disastrous.

Ngwira believes God sent his angels to protect him and my two nephews during this accident.

He wrote: “It was the most traumatizing 45 minutes of my life. Trapped in a car wreck under a ruined electricity transformer that twice sparked with live power. I thought of many things. I thought about my two nephews Lawrence Chavula (27) and Joseph (14). So young!

“I thought of my spiritual life: was I pleasing before God? The following morning, I went jogging and ended up at the accident scene because it close to my house. When people saw me jogging, everyone praised God. They wondered how all three of us survived without a scratch. An old lady in tears took my hands and prayed for me saying God has a purpose for me. Everyone said I should never stop praying- ndiponyere kwakuya.

“I couldn’t agree more. God has a purpose for me. I thank the God of my spiritual father Apostle DJ Salingah of Royal Assembly International Church in Chilomoni for the protection. God bless him for his prayers. Don’t stop praying and trusting in God. His love limitless; Psalm 103.”

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