Goshen city attracting tourists before completion

Although completion of the first phase is scheduled for December, Goshen City is already attracting international tourists, with the latest being the visit of over 2000 tourists from different parts of the world over the weekend.

Thousands packed Goshen City construction over the weekend and these included people from different parts of the world who came in to appreciate, with their own eyes, what they have been reading and hearing about in the media.

Goshen visitors pose with Bushiri

Some had come for spiritual tourism while some had come for possible investments as they claim to love the business model which prophet Shepherd Bushiri presented.

For instance, several members of Parliament on Saturday visited Goshen City and they have since expressed shock with the number of tourists visiting the construction even before completion of first phase this December.

The MPs’ visit, meant to appreciate progress of the project, coincided with over 2100 religious tourists who had travelled from different parts of the world just to appreciate the construction process of the city .

Briefing the media during a tour of the project, chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade and Tourism Honourable Simplex Chithyola Banda, said the MPs are extremely shocked with the level of global curiosity for the project.

“We are shocked but at the same time reminded of the importance and magnitude of the project,” he said Chathyola Banda.

Visionnaire of the project Prophet Bushiri thanked parliament for the visit, adding that the gesture symbolises the confidence and curiosity Malawians have for the project.

He added that the influx of people coming to the city continues to rise with each passing, noting that the development is quite encouraging.

Among the committees that turned up for the visit include Transport and Public Infrastructure, and Local Authorities and Rural Development and also the deputy clerk of Parliament.

Goshen’s visionnaire Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is accused of money laundering in South Africa together with his alleged partner in crime and wife Mary Bushiri. The couple escaped from South Africa soon after being released on bail in 2020.

In Malawi, they are fighting extradition to face the alleged charges of fraud, corruption and money laundering.

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  1. Nkhani ikhale ya spiritual tourism yo. Zinazo zitayeni. We all know the truth behind. Kumeneku ndiku head quarters kumene. Ndipo anthu akhala akukhamukilako kumene for Spiritual Toursim.

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