Activists say Namiwa was abducted by Malawi Congress Party operatives

Khama (in white jacket) speaking during the press briefing

Activists under the Action Against Impunity (API) have alleged that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) operatives are the ones who abducted human  rights activist Sylvester Namiwa last week.

The grouping together with Namiwa held a press conference in Lilongwe this morning where it accused MCP members of abducting Namiwa on July 27 in an attempt to instill fear in Malawians so that the country should slide back to the era of terror, fear, darkness and death.

“Namiwa survived the heinous attack with six scratches; two cuts on the right leg, two cuts from teeth bite on the right hand, two cuts on the outer throat, one cut on the neck, one cut on the left elbow, a stiff neck and a dislocated left knee. He was treated at ABC clinic in Area 47, Lilongwe,” said Wells Khama, one of the members of the grouping.

According to Khama, Namiwa was abducted at Area 3, just a few meters before Likuni roundabout along the Nthunthama road while Namiwa was heading home after a press briefing held at Crown hotel in Lilongwe on 27 July as part of the advanced preparations the peaceful demonstrations the following day.

The thugs were using a black Daihatsu without number plates, and trailed Namiwa up to the scene of the incident, where they blocked the car, he was driving soon after overtaking him.

Three bouncers emerged onto the scene and forced Namiwa out of his car.

Khama said it is at this stage that Namiwa’s golf-shirt and jacket were torn apart and he sustained the two cuts on the right leg as he fought hard not to be hauled into the strangers’ car until he was overpowered.

According to Khama, the gang drove from Area 3, to Area 13, City Centre to Kawale and Biwi before blindfolding Namiwa until Thursday morning when he was unfolded along the Bunda road.

Namiwa showing the press the injuries he sustained during the abduction

After long drive in the earth road, they connected to M1 road just before Double Vision Secondary school in Nathenje where Namiwa was pushed out of the car.

“The first person to appear on the scene was a man on a motorbike who offered to take him to the Kabaza rank and the oncoming three who helped Mr. Namiwa to sit on the bike after falling down due to the dislocated left knee.

“At Double vision Kabaza rank Namiwa got recognized by the operators and assisted him to phone his mother and wife.

“It is worth pointing out that since the abduction at around 3pm on Wednesday up to the time he was pushed out of the car on Thursday July 28, 2022, he neither ate nor drunk anything and it was not clear as to what the thugs did to Mr. Namiwa hence his immediate call was medical attention.

“It is for this reason that the wife drove him straight to ABC clinic in are 47 in Lilongwe where he was put on short stay for two hours to monitor his blood pressure that was very high on arrival, stiff neck and general body pains. He also underwent several check-ups, including X-Ray and scanning,” said Khama.

He added that the grouping has  given all necessary information and trace marks to the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to ease their investigations.

According to Khama, the information given to police include names of thugs that claims to have been sent by the ruling MCP elites and those suspected to be behind these barbaric acts.

He further said that on Friday, Namiwa and the police visited key places in the whole scenario to help the police gather information they needed most.

The grouping has since expressed hope that police will within a reasonable timeframe conclude its investigations and that the culprits are brought to book.

“Actually, API was ready to reveal the identities of those involved, those behind it and those that were party to the abduction but could not do so for fear of being seen to be prejudicing the police investigations.

“However, API would like to warn the Police that it will not hesitate to reveal such information if it becomes apparent that the police are trying to either drag their feet or shamelessly cover up the culprits,” Khama said.

Speaking at the press briefing, Namiwa said he is not intimadated by the abduction and he will continue to fight for the rights of Malawians.

“We will not slide back to the era of fear, terror and death,” said Namiwa.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Congress’s Party has told the local media that it is waiting for police to complete investigations into the matter.