Zambezi Evangelical engages Lulu and Marvelous Deeds in fundraising


Lulu will share the stage with Marvelous Deeds on Saturday to raise funds for Zambezi Evangelical Church of Kawale which is planning to purchase a Marcopolo Scania for use in its ministry.

Zambezi Evangelical Church is one of the oldest churches in Malawi and was founded by Joseph Booth a century ago.

It is now common with churches to have a means of transport of their own so it eases mobility in church adventures.

This Saturday, Zambezi Church has organised a dinner and dance and also invited influential people to attend.

Apart from music from Mathumela and the gospel group, there will also be auctioning of items including electronic equipment like fridges, some pieces of furniture from various shops that have contributed towards this fundraiser.

Again, there will be different tables ranging from corporate high table to Gold, diamond and Bronze.

Lulu will also play songs on request as patrons would have to pay for their favorite songs before Lulu plays.

Opening of the dance floor will also be auctioned among other other activities.

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