UNIMA Child Rights Clinic to hold demonstrations over racist video


Child Rights Legal Clinic at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) has organised demonstrations in Lilongwe on June 21 to protest against Chinese national Lu Ke who exploited Malawian children through a racist video.

UNIMA Child Rights Legal Clinic Supervisor Professor Garton Kamchedzera said what the Chinese national did is contrary to the Constitution of Malawi under section 19 (1) and 23 (5).

He said Convection on the Rights of Child is an international legal instrument that protect children against all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

According to Kamchedzera, the demonstrations will start from Njerwa where the exploitation took place and will end at the Chinese Embassy where the demonstrators will deliver a petition to Chinese authorities in Malawi.

Kamchedzera explained that the behaviour by Lu Ke has revealed low regard to children rights saying Malawi and China have failed their duties to protect the children in Malawi.

He said the Lilongwe demonstrations will also raise awareness on the responsibility of citizens and the state to protect the rights of chikdren in Malawi.

UNIMA Child Rights Legal Clinic Manager, Alexious Kamangira, said the legal clinic has organised the demonstrations to denounce the child rights violation by the Chinese national Lu Ke who has been exploiting Malawian children for economic gain as he sells the videos to fellow Chinese.

Kamangira who is also law lecturer at the University of Malawi said every citizen has the responsibility to protect children against all forms of abuse, adding that the demonstrations in Lilongwe will also act as awareness on child rights

He therefore called on all child rights activists to participate in the Lilongwe, June 21 demonstrations to denounce Lu Ke’s child rights violation.

BBC Focus on Africa produced a documentary which revealed that the Chinese nationa has beenl taking videos of children aged between 3 to10 at Njerwa Village in Lilongwe, Malawi where he told the children to say words which in Chinese  mean “l am a black monster and my IQ is low”.

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