Mafo hits Joy Nathu & Gwamba

…he doesn’t play my songs


Musician Mafo has hit at hip-hop artist Gwamba and MBC Radio’s DJ Joy Nathu in a new freestyle.

Mafo, in a freestyle published on Makosana Facebook page, claimed that Joy Nathu does not play his songs.

Making references to Nathu’s complexion, Mafo said he gave the DJ his songs but the radio personality refused to play them.

He claimed that Nathu acts as if the two are in conflict or as if he is told what do by someone else.

On Gwamba, Mafo addressed the issue of the collaboration which they did in 2020 but was never released.

“Za collabo ija osazandifusanso ndi za pa dzana, mwina mtanda wawo ndi mtanda wanga kusiyana kutheka anaona moto, kusemphana (The issue of collaboration is in the past, never ask me about it again. Maybe our crosses/faiths are different or it’s possible he saw fire,” said Mafo in the freestyle.

In 2020, Gwamba said he was at pain to see Mafo fading into oblivion and he vowed to help Mafo resurrect.

“Was on the phone with Mafo. I refuse to let such talent just vanish like that. That guy is one of the best urban artists in the country,” said Gwamba.

Mafo rose to fame in the year 2012. He made noise with his partner Shozi through songs like Akazi amapha and Mowa.

His music is a fusion of dancehall and afro with a comic element that brings a wow effect.


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