Chizuma vows to continue pushing forward


Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Martha Chizuma has expressed her determination to continue fighting against corruption despite attempts to derail her efforts.

Chizuma has spoken to the local media on her work amid a defamation lawsuit against her over a leaked audio in which she made various allegations.

In the interview, she expressed concerns over the creation of Facebook accounts aimed to discredit her.

The anti-corruption bureau chief however said she is determined to fight on, saying she will continue to go to work and give it her best.

Chizuma said: “Corruption fights are complex and risky and in many instances, corruption fights back ruthlessly. But the conviction that the fate of this country largely depends on what we decide and actually do about corruption as a country keeps us pushing forward and I don’t think we have any other option, but to fight it.”

Chizuma then appealed to Malawians to support her and the bureau in the battle against corruption.

In an audio which leaked on social media last month, Chizuma alleged that a member of the Judiciary and several lawyers had received bribes to release on bail a suspect who she also alleged was involved in theft of trillions of kwacha.

The suspect Ashok Kumar Sreedharan has since opened a case of defamation against Chizuma.

In the audio, Chizuma also made serious allegations against President Lazarus Chakwera who she claimed was not supporting her fight against corruption. Her allegations drew the ire of the president who claim to have come close to chopping her head. In an unbroadcasted message, Chakwera revealed that he had put the Director General up for disciplinary hearing to decide her fate.

Chizuma then went AWOL from duty but has since resumed working.