Alinafe Bonongwe was murdered – Malawi Police


Malawi Police are treating the death of Alinafe Bonongwe as a case of murder and the law enforcers have detained five people for questioning.

Bonongwe, a Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Manager for Dedza Customs and Excise Border Station, was killed at his house on Friday night.

Malawi Police Service spokesperson James Kadadzera said a postmortem which was conducted revealed that Bonongwe was assaulted to death.

Bonongwe was found dead in his bathroom at around 9PM on Friday at Airfield Location at Dedza Boma. At the time he was found, there was a piece of rope tying his neck to the shower.

“He was discovered by a neighbor who is also a colleague, who had been alerted by Mr Bonongwe’s watchman,” said Kadadzera on Sunday.

He added that Mr Bonongwe’s servants – a guard, house servant and ground labourer – had been detained by police for questioning.

MRA in a statement on Sunday hailed Bonongwe as a valued and respected member of the MRA family who instilled professionalism and integrity in border operations at the station and all other offices where he worked.

“He tirelessly waged war against corruption and smuggling and conveyance of goods, fraud and bribery in line with MRA’s mission, vision and core values,” the tax collector said.