Song Review: Sizingatheke by Sangie and Piksy


A love song, imbued with deep meaning and made for radio airplay. Sangie pleasantly took over the track with her gravelly voice.

It’s an Afro-Pop track with all the right Sispence beats, the chorus is really inspiring, maturity wise, it is trying to explain indirectly that she is taken and enjoying intimacy with someone. Here, Piksy fits in the shoes of a lover.

“Uli ngati dzuwa! nde umandiwunikira, ndili ngati   duwa! I know ndimafota pena koma ndiwe msungura umawonjedzera moyo wina! aaa wamwina mwinanso ohoo babie! Mmene umandikondera sindimamvetsesa ulemu kwa olenga dzuwa! Sindimamvetsesa ndakufinya pati mwina! Umandibalalitsa! Umandiganizitsa zapatali tali! .”

Then the second verse, a lover in this track, Piksy jumps in and alludes that having her is a worthwhile. The lyrics and passing of positive message with incredible skill makes it look like he was born with it. Piksy delivers lyrical lines with enthusiasm as well as a good dose of messages that heals the heart.

“Having you as mine is zikwanila! Loving you is easy! I’m thanking you poti you still here! Kundikonda osasiya! For always being here since dear! Wapamtima panga ndiwe! Ofatsa ngati amai anga popanda iweyo ineyo sindingalimbe”.

The track is based on a true story of life, the lines are magical, imbued with deep meaning, considering the hit that made waves in Malawi music industry Why Mahope by Eli Njuchi where he did not hide his obsession with Sangie.

Music fans are already using the track on their Tik Tok accounts because people believe that underneath the viral tune is a strong message.

“Sizingatheke! Kukusiya iwe baby! Pandekha sindingakhale!

The Malawian youth are currently vibing to the lyrics on social media.


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