Malawi Police uproot Chamba in Dowa

Police officers in Dowa yesterday uprooted cannabis sativa (Chamba) at a garden belonging to a man who is also wanted for a separate crime.

Lumbadzi Police spokesperson Felix Kwinyani has identified the suspect as Marknell Dimba.

According to Kwinyani, a woman complained to police that Dimba had demolished her oven-molded bricks.

Officers from Lumbadzi Police Station stormed the suspect’s home in Longwe Village, Traditional Authority Mkukula for inquiries on the case of malicious damage.

Officers at the garden

When the team reached the suspect’s home, they were told that he had gone to his vegetable garden, prompting them to follow him there.

However, Dimba ran away before the Police got to the garden.

At the garden, the law enforcers found that Dimba had cultivated the illicit crop without licence from the government.

The men in uniform then uprooted some plants of the Cannabis Sativa for exhibition.

Dimba is expected to be charged for cultivating Indian Hemp without license in addition to the malicious damage charge he was already facing.



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