Ntcheu Secondary school alumni raising funds to buy mattresses


Former student of Ntcheu Secondary School (NUSS) have embarked on an initiative to raise about K2 million aimed at buying 100 mattresses for the school which has only 100 mattresses against 670 students.

The development follows a report by one of the country’s media houses that revealed that there is a serious shortage of mattresses at the institution as other students are spending nights on wood, broken beds without mattresses or just a bed shit placed on the floor.


According to vice chairperson for the alumni, Lester Banda, an initiative to purchase 100 3inch Robray mattresses was launched earlier this month where every alumni is supposed to contribute some money with a minimum of K2000.

Banda told this publication that their visit established that the school is in dire need of mattresses and added that it is also in a bad state in as far as security is concerned as some hostels do not have doors.

He said as of now, they have raised over K200,000 of the required K2 million for 100 mattresses a development that forced him to plead for help from other stakeholders and other alumni who were not aware of the initiative.

“Following a report by ZBS through their Facebook page, we thought it wise to consolidate our efforts as Alumni of the institution. Steps were taken like visiting the School to witness the situation and we noted that the school has about 670 students against 100 available mattresses.

“There is also a security lapse as hostels do not have doors. So, for now, we want to buy at least 100 3inch Robray mattresses by end November. Well-wishers, alumni are encouraged to help financially by donating any amount preferably a minimum of K2,000,” said Banda.

Banda said apart from these individual contributions, the taskforce is planning to organize big walks in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu and said they will also introduce fundraising forms with NUSS seal to target public figures, well-wishers and other stakeholders.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the administration through other means has managed to buy 200 mattresses out of the required 570 however they have not been distributed for use as there are fears that form 4 students who will be writing exams soon, may deliberately destroy them.