Chakwera is not a patriot – Malawians  

Lazarus Chakwera Malawi President

President Lazarus Chakwera has been accused of not being a patriot for “lying” to Malawians during the 2020 election campaign.

The President shared a post that lambasted people who speak “trash” of this country, saying such people are not patriots.

“Speaking truth to your government is patriotism: speaking trash of your country is not. Malawi is not poor. Malawi is not small. Malawi is not landlocked. Malawi is not embarrassing. Malawi is not retreating. Malawi is not voiceless. Malawi is no dumping ground for low standards,” said Chakwera.

However, some Malawians zeroed back on him over his campaign promises, indecisiveness and failing to act on allegations of corruption that have marred his administration.

Mpando Alex said: “Everyone I believe loves this country Mr President. People could not show up during those mass demonstrations if they didn’t love their country. We are just tired of the same breed of politicians.”

“We are tired of speeches. Let your actions speak louder than your words. That’s what Malawian people needs right now. Stop corruption, nepotism, human rights abuse as well as the economic hardship which have been deep looted in this country we are tired of that,” said Tabitha Mataula.

While Kai Çëmënt said: “Malawi is not free from nepotism, sadly our leaders are not free from corruption. The leaders so quick eating taxpayers money. see the economic hardship. Where are your pastoral morals. M’busa amasamala, very caring but now sure I doubt your standards as a real man. Shame Mr President, too much expenditures. Mwataya chipangano‼️”

Some commenters also bashed Chakwera for claiming that Malawi is not poor.

“By all possible indicators, we’re an extremely poor country! Such denialism of realities is what drives us backwards. You deny the existence of poverty in a country you lead to the extent of bringing your family abroad on a government errand. You think we’re so rich there’s no better use for the money you decide to use to fly your family abroad,” said Hope Banda.

Chakwera is currently in the United Kingdom where he went to attend the Global Education Summit.

The trip has attracted controversy following the inclusion of Chakwera’s daughter and son in-law in the president’s delegation. There are also concerns that Chakwera is wasting taxpayers’ money since the meeting will be largely held virtually.