MPS reopens police unit which was vandalized by community

Members of lba community in Mangochi have praised the Malawi Police Service for reopening lba Police Unit which was closed in 2020 after it was vandalized by members of the community.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mangochi Police Officer In-charge Francis Chisoti Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police said there has been an out-cry from the community about rise in criminal activities in the surrounding areas after the closure of the Police Unit.

“I have been receiving a lot of complaints from the Traditional Leaders and Member of Parliament in particular. Police understand that it was difficult since security was compromised. Assessing the situation, Police operations are now back to serve members of the community, ” he said.

He added: “However, l appeal to you all to refrain from vandalism and taking the law into your own hands whenever there are misunderstandings with the officers”.

Speaking on the same, member of parliament from the area Fransisca Masamba disclosed that the facility cost K7 million tax payers money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) coffers.

She also bemoaned what happened and suggested that the money could have been used for other development projects in her area if the two parties had engaged in dialogue.

Traditional Authority Jalasi applauded the Police for reopening the Police unit saying his subordinates had security challenges and their businesses also suffered due to security lapse.

“Our relationship with Police in the past was sour, but now we have learnt a big a lesson and we know the importance of having officers around us. We promise to live in peace and harmony as one family if there are differences, there must be dialogue,” he said.

Jalasi also promised to work hand in hand with Police in order achieve a common goal which is creating a safe and secure environment.