Strabag withdraws bid: We can’t compete with substandard contractors

The company that constructed the Mzuzu-Nkhatabay M05 road with an alleged bonus of the Mzuzu Highway at no-cost has withdrawn its bid for the M1 road after noting that most companies vying for the bid will offer substandard work with a cheaper cost than the actual cost.

The company says its decision to withdraw the bid aims at retaining its credibility which it already demonstrated with the rehabilitation of the M05 road.

M1 Road and above: the Mzuzu Nkhatabay Road rehabilitated by Strabag

Roads Authority wants four sections of the M1 Road to be rehabilitated and there has been high interests of contractors from different parts of the world to undertake the work.

According to the company, majority of the contractors attending site visits and pre-bid meetings are unlikely to achieve high quality work with low maintenance results if they win the contract.

“Consequently, we expect that most of these firms will submit a price much lower than ours, possibly not even covering our costs.

“Therefore, we are compelled to inform you that Strabag International GmbH will not tender for the four sections of the M1 road and hereby withdraws its interest in this project,” the company said.

Strabag is praised in Malawi for the highest standard work it carried out on the Mzuzu-Nkhatabay road.

The company rehabilitated 47km of road of main road and 3 km of township.  The project was completed within the original contract sum with savings which was used to construct an additional 1.3km of dual carriageway in Mzuzu City