Lyingson! Thawani  Caught pants down


From Vieson to Lyingson Thawani. Self-proclaimed influencer has been accused of flaunting other people’s posh vehicles as his own.

For years, Thawani who has over 90,000 Facebook followers has been making motivational social media posts about relationships, religion, entrepreneurship and wealth building.

He usually accompanies his posts with pictures of himself reading books or with a posh vehicle. He presents a picture of a wealthy motivational speaker and pastor who has benefitted from his own “wisdom for winning” and is now “at the top”.

Thawani pictured with a fleet of vehicles

It has now emerged that the vehicles are not his.

Businessperson Kondwani Ngwira says Thawani has been posting his vehicles on social media. Ngwira has also released a photo of a blue book showing that one of the vehicles in question is his.

In a viral recorded audio, Ngwira says he has been telling Thawani on numerous occasions to stop posting the vehicles on social media only to get rude replies from the self-proclaimed social media influencer.

“I spoke to him privately and asked him politely to stop posting my vehicles on social media but you will be disappointed if I shared screenshots of his responses,” said Ngwira.

He added that he outed Thawani for his (Ngwira’s) own security as he fears he could be attacked by Thawani’s enemies while driving his own cars.

Malawians have since stormed Thawani’s page accusing him of lying to them for years.

“Just discovered this guy is not what he claims to be on social media…he presents a larger than life pic of himself on social media but he is not. I warned you. If you think I am lying then do a private investigations about him…ask those who know him well.
Millionaires don’t make noises,” said Jones Nyirenda.

Others have been demanding an explanation from the motivational speaker but Thawani’s is yet to provide a comment.