We will get tough on foreign workers, says Malawi Labour Minister


Minister of Labour Ken Kandodo says the Government will not tolerate foreign workers who are taking up jobs that can be done by Malawians.

He was responding to a question from Member of Parliament for Dedza South Ishmael Ndaila Onani.

In his question, Onani who is a member of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) expressed concern that some of the foreigners getting work permits are people whose expertise is available locally.

“In most of the shops and factories they apply as if they are bringing an expert but when you check the job the expert is doing, it is something that a trained Malawian can do,” said Onani.

He said the Ministry of Labour should work with the Ministry of Homeland Security in order to be screening the experts every two years.

In his response, Kandodo noted that some companies bring people on tourist visa into the country but later employs them.

“They end up taking up jobs that can be done by Malawians. That is something that we cannot tolerate, we are going be very tough on foreign workers who are working here in Malawi,” said Kandodo.

He acknowledged that the law allows companies to bring in expatriates but said there are procedures that are followed and in most cases a company cannot employ more than five expatriates.

The Minister then warned that Government will take punitive action against companies found to have employed more than the allowed number of foreign workers.


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  1. It’s a pity that we as africas busy fighting each other calling our selves foreigners to each other the Malawian people are all over african why must you not start by recalling all of them then from other countries.we need leaders who will be fighting for uniting people of African let us not allowed the colonizers mind to rule us we are so poor because of the puppet leaders who are busy dancing for their masters music instead of developing the lives of the people.

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