Rumphi-Nthalire road in pathetic state: Chakwera urged to fulfil promise  

People who travel between Rumphi to Chitipa through Nthalire have complained over the poor state of the road connecting the two areas and have urged the Lazarus Chakwera administration to fulfil its promise to construct the road.

Malawi Government through Parliament in its 2020-2021 financial budget put about K5 Billion to start construction of the road from Bolero to Nyika turn off but nothing is happening.

People who use the road say they have lost trust in President Lazarus Chakwera and his administration.

Gift Chawinga a Nthalire businessman said people are losing trust in Tonse Government as they are good in promising than doing.

“We are struggling to bring essential goods from Rumphi to here in Nthalire. We spend a lot of money for transport and now we have lost hope in the Tonse Government, we thought they are coming to change things but nothing is happening. Look we depend on this road that also brings foreign currency when tourists visit Nyika National park, let’s hope one day Malawi will wake up and put leaders who are at heart of the people,” said Chawinga.

Joshua Kasonda said people spend the whole day to reach Nthalire from Rumphi as the road is in bad state. He urged the government to construct the road.

“We clapped hands for Tonse Government upon hearing of the money about K5 Billion to start constructing of the road, where is the money and we don’t know if that money is still there. We want transparency and accountability and let those in power follow the money, it’s our money we voted them to bring development here,” Kasonda lamented.

Road Authority spokesperson Portia Kajanga asked for more time before commenting anything.

“I can’t take your questions on phone call, please send me on WhatsApp and will be answering them tomorrow or the other day and give me more time to answer,” she said.

Rumphi to Nthalire is about 223 kilometers and transport is about K5,000. Lorries and Pickups are used for transport and they only travel on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday’s only.