Vilemi Dazi Chakwera back on the road


Here today, there tomorrow indeed! Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera, nicknamed Siku Transport and Vilemi Dazi, has ‘landed’ in Karonga.

The Malawi leader is currently in Karonga where he will commission the construction of 10,000 houses for security institutions in the country.

The ceremony will be held today at Karonga community ground in Traditional Authority Kyungu in the district.

On Wednesday, he is expected to launch the 2020/21 National Forestry season at Tukombo primary school ground in Nkhata-Bay.

Chakwera who was elected president in June has already made six foreign trips over the past five months and has been attending events across the country over the past weeks.

However, there are concerns that the president is travelling a lot with some Malawians on social media faulting the president for failing to delegate some duties to his ministers.

“And the commissioning of the houses is the reason why you have left Lilongwe for Karonga? So interesting,” said one Malawian on social media.

#Siku_transport hit the road like nobody’s business,” said another social media user.