16-year-old boy arrested for incest with 14-year-old sister


Police in Dedza district are keeping in custody a sixteen-year-old boy for incest with his biological sister aged 14.

The boy is accused of defiling his sister, according to Dedza deputy police publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda.

It is alleged that, early this year, the suspect started proposing his biological sister, but the victim rejected his advances.

Sergeant Manda said that all this long the victim did not tell anyone, fearing that the family would be defamed.

On  December 10, 2020 when the victim’s mother had just left home, the suspect falsely cooked up the theft allegations against his sister accusing her that she had stolen his money, which he got after selling his cellphone.

He then aggressively ordered the victim to raise her hands so that she might be searched and he started to touch the girl’s breast in search of his allegedly stolen money.

The teenager took advantage of the absence of their mother at home and had unprotected sex with the victim and it is reported that they were caught red handed by their grandmother who was around.

According to the publicist, a medical report from Dedza District Hospital has since revealed that the boy really defiled his sister claiming that she has lost her virginity.

The suspect is likely to answer the case of incest which is contrary to section 157 sub-section 1 of penal code.

Both suspect and victim hail from Malindima village in the area of Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza district.