Water Board lady breaks the internet

A Lilongwe woman is trending after she scratched off the opening time on a Lilongwe Water Board billboard which she said was misleading the public.

The video of the woman has been shared widely on social media platforms particularly Facebook and WhatsApp.

The water board billboard shows that the service centre opens at 7:30AM but the woman claims that when she arrived at that time she was told by one worker that they open at 8AM.

This angered the woman who wondered why the water board was misleading the public with its signpost.

“Thirty minutes is a long time someone can do other work and come here at 8AM,” she said as she scratched off the 7:30 on the signpost.

One of the water board workers at the scene said the woman will write the right information on the signpost herself and this further infuriated the woman.

“You are complaining about the billboard when you should be worried that people have been waiting here for thirty minutes without be assisted,” said the woman.

On Facebook, the water board woman has received praise with social media activists Onjezani Kenani saying that she has sent a strong message.

He said: “We want reform we can feel and touch. Not just sitting in air-conditioned conference rooms of five-star hotels, drinking full-cream milk coffee while watching colourful presentations on PowerPoint, showing shiny bar graphs, Gantt charts, histograms, scatter graphs, pie charts and Venn diagrams.”

“We have brilliant women in area 25. This woman has nailed it. Too much sanity in statutory corporations… Lilongwe Water Board customers deserve better treatment,” said Facebook user Baba Kay.