Chilima says mechanisms being put in place to fulfil Tonse promises


Vice President Saulos Chilima says people should remain patient on Tonse Alliance campaign promises as the government is putting in place mechanism to fulfil the promises.

Chilima made the remarks at Nyambadwe Primary School on Friday in Blantyre during the launch of Clean Up Initiative for Blantyre City.

He advised the general public to remain patient on promises which Tonse Alliance made during the June 23 fresh presidential elections campaign.

“I know, we promised creation of one million jobs for the youth, provision of soft loans and reduction in passport fees among others. But I urge you to be at ease because different mechanisms are being put in place to make these a reality,” he said.

Chilima and President Lazarus Chakwera were elected in the June 23 presidential elections.

During the campaign for the polls, the two promised one million jobs, removal of electricity and water connection fees and introduction of one-week tax holiday.

They also promised reduction of passport charges from MK90 thousand to MK14 thousand and affordable three meals a day for all Malawians.

So far, the Tonse Alliance has managed to introduce the Affordable Inputs Programme and has increased tax band from MK35, 000 to MK100 thousand.

Over the past weeks, activists have been calling on the government to ensure that the promises are fulfilled and to present a roadmap for delivering on some promises which will take years to be fulfilled.


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  1. Useless government. When you were making those promises during campaign you sounded as if you will fulfill them one day after taking over. You claimed you had a plan, you already knew what to do. Mbuzi za anthu. Tianthu todzikonda who pretend as if you have the welfare of the people at heart.

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