Government to intensify roads maintenance


Minister of Transport and Public Works Sidik Mia says the Tonse Alliance will intensify road maintenance works across the country as it is an aspect that has been neglected over the years.

Mia said this on Friday after Members of Parliament asked the ministry to consider constructing and rehabilitating.

He said that his ministry is aware of the current situation regarding roads and that the ministry has policies which will be guiding road projects year in and out.

He added that the policy will among others cover routine maintenance, water and railway transport which have not been looked at for years.

“A major aspect that has not been looked at in past few years is road maintenance. At one stage in 2012 to 2014 and beyond there was good road infrastructure in the whole country where you could not see any pothole but unfortunately that has been deteriorated which has been a problem to everyone,” he said.

He said that some projects which were left without being completed due to funds will also be considered.

During the parliamentary session on Friday, Members of Parliament told Mia that some of the roads in their constituencies are damaged and become impassable during rainy season.

Some asked the government to consider constructing long lasting roads considering that the ones constructed recently have been causing problems to road users.