Media challenged on criminal justice coverage

The media in the country has been urged to play an active role in civic educating masses on criminal justice, more especially mob justice.

The call has been made by Dedza Police Officer In- Charge George Tobius Chikhungu during his familiarisation meeting with Dedza based journalists.

Police officers and journalists during the meeting

Chikhungu said the media is a powerful tool that can be used for shaping people’s perceptions on how police execute their roles.

He urged the reporters to tread carefully when reporting police stories so that people appreciate what the law enforcers do.

The police chief also asked the media to desist from lauding incidents of chaos and cases in which mobs ignore reporting matters to police.

He says such kind of reporting has overtime been acting as a basis for promoting mob violence.

In his concluding remarks, Chikhungu hailed the media in the district for a fruitful and sustained working relationship which he says trusts will ensure the district and the country at large is safe for everyone.

In reaction, Zodiak Broadcasting Station’s Chikondi Mphande pledged that the reporters will practice what they have been urged to do

The Malawi police has always been the biggest source of media news in the country, a development which is aligned to a good working relationship with the media.