Ritaa makes history again: Three songs charts


The story of Songstress Ritaa in the urban top 10 chart has reached the climax after she has contributed three songs.

The Femcee has the most number of songs in the chart. As if that is not enough she is also at the summit of the standings.

The three songs which occupy first, third and last positions are Mubwere, Kuwawa and M’bebe respectively. Ritaa is facing immediate challenge from Patience Namadingo who is sitting second on the standings with his latest song called Adowana.

The former E-wallet talent show participant is the only female artist in the top 10 chart. She has been enjoying the warmth of the chart for a number of months.

Commentators believe she will be a big brand if she maintains her pace. Ritaa rose to fame in 2016 with her hit single called Chapatali which features Afro sounds star Dan Lu.

Perhaps Ritaa is motivating female upcoming artists. She is sending a strong message to female upcoming artists that they can do better than male artists provided they do justice to music.

Ritaa is one of Malawi’s celebrated female musicians who told Malawi24 that she is in talks with three musicians in South Africa and Nigeria for a collaboration.