Sunseed Oil LTD closed

Malawi government has closed Sunseed Oil Limited which is situated in the capital Lilongwe.

The company’s operations have been put to a halt over pollution scandal at their factory along the MI road after Kanengo. This has come after a group called Movement for Environmental (MEA) Action reported the cooking oil processing company to the relevant authority.

MEA reported the matter to the Ministry of Natural and Water Resources and Central water laboratory. After looking into the matter, the decision to close the factory was reached four days ago.

According to the environmental grouping, the oil company will only resume its operations when guidance will be provided by law enforcing agencies.

Soon after 23 June 2020 Malawi Presidential Elections, the company’s Country Manager Oil Irshaad Mahomed met newly elected President Lazarus Chakwera.

The public interpreted the meeting as a State Capture attempt by the company and called on President Chakwera to tread carefully as his predecessor, President Peter Mutharika received millions in kickbacks from some Malawians of Asian Origin who now stand trial of money laundering and fraud.

The pollution scandal has been affecting surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the concerned party is demanding compensation for being subjected to conditions that are hazardous to health.

The company processes popular brands of cooking oil such as Mulawe and Sungold. In 2014, the government also shut it down for the same reasons.