HRDC vows to monitor Chakwera administration


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it will continue pushing for the fulfillment of President Lazarus Chakwera’s promises to the nation.

This comes following the meeting between the organization and president Lazarus Chakwera last week regarding the appointment of new cabinet ministers.

HRDC members with Chakwera

In a statement signed by HRDC’s Chairperson Gift Trapence and other members, the grouping has asked the current government through Chakwera to refrain from regionalism, tribalism and nepotism in any public appointments.

The HRDC noted that Chakwera told the nation on Friday that his cabinet is a transitional one and members will be maintained because of their performance.

On this, the HRDC said it wants the president to make public the performance indicators of each ministry.

The rights group also asked Chakwera to continue pursuing servant leadership, respecting the rule of law and dealing with dysfunctional agencies of government through legislative process, which are also some of the promises the president made during his campaign.

On its part, the HRDC said it is committed to human rights and rule of law to ensure qualitative and quantitative improvements in the lives of Malawi’s people.

Last week, Human Rights Defenders Coalition received complaints from Malawians regarding the composition of the cabinet and some public appointments that president Chakwera released on July 8.

Some of the key issues were appointment of some cabinet ministers from the same family, missing out of some key portfolios such as gender, disability children and social welfare among others.

Chakwera on Friday defended his cabinet saying each one of the cabinet appointees was selected on merit.


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  1. Don’t accuse the president but rather advise him.But I would like to thank you for the good work you are doing.Most african presidents what they know is stealing so don’t let that to happen,we believe in your ability to check each and every step.
    Thank you.

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