Malawians condemn Msungama for attacking Nyamilandu


Malawians have condemned Sports Minister Ulemu Msungama following the minister’s claims that Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president is politically compromised.

Msungama accused Nyamilandu of being a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and asked him to resign as FAM president.

However, many Malawians say it is too early for Msungama to be at war with the football governing body president.

“Whether he is DPP or what doesn’t matter, provided we know that he was voted into that office so please leave him. Not all cadets are evil.

“Slow down Honorable Msungama, we are in a multiparty era and there is no problem Walter being DPP, He doesn’t talk politics at football,” said Emmanuel Chikosa Sambo.

Another Malawian, Kupenja Penja said the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) government should not victimize people because of their political choices because everyone has a right to associate with any group of his or her choice.

“His (Nyamilandu’s) official duties are FAM duties but outside his duties he associates with his family, political party of his choice, church of his choice etc. So let MCP just do politics and never interfere with people’s choices. Allow us to move forward, and never go backwards. Just to remind our current government, political positions are temporary, your friends will come there as well. Be careful in handling your offices,” said Penja.

Walter Nyamilandu

On Malawi24’s Facebook Page, Malawians said Nyamilandu should only be removed from FAM if his performance is not satisfactory and not because he belongs to a particular party.

“But this is not fair just live FAM out of politics, if he is not fit to be president of football governing body based on his poor performance it’s understandable..out of work one have a choice to live his life,” wrote Malani Nyasulu.

“Is the government fighting against Cadets or country’s poverty causes? Please don’t miss your focus. Remember time will come when you will be opposing. Leave Tonse Alliance philosophy bright,” wrote another commenter.

Nyamilandu, who is also a Fifa Council member and was re-elected as FAM president last year, told the local media he is not a member of the DPP.

“I am a professional and not a politician. I don’t hold any political positions in any party and neither have I rendered support to any political party.”

“I implore the honourable minister not to judge or be prejudiced because he will be misled by propaganda,” he was quoted by the same paper.

Earlier last year, the FA boss was pictured in a DPP beret and later dismissed the allegations that he was a Cadet by saying he only wore the beret because he liked the way it was designed.




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