Police encourage bicycle transport operators to report criminal suspects


Police in Mulanje have urged bicycle transport operators, who are popularly known as Nadyanji in the district, to be reporting criminal suspects to police.

The police were referring to suspicious customers the bicycle operators ferry from one place to another.

In his remarks, the station’s operations officer, Emmanuel Chisoma said as operators, they meet a lot of people, of which some may be criminals.

“We urge you to report suspicious people, carrying suspicious items to us for proper investigations,” he said.

Chisoma also warned the group against indulging in crime themselves saying the law would equally punish them. He said indulging in crime may also affect their business as customers will be avoiding them.

Taking his turn, Station Traffic Officer, George Chimombo, advised the operators to always put on reflective wear so that they are easily seen especially at night.

“Make sure that you put on reflective wear when cycling. This helps others to easily see you especially at night. Further, your bicycles should always be equipped with a working blue light and brakes” he observed.

Speaking on behalf of the group, the chairperson, Andrea Standi hailed the police for the tips saying they will take heed of them to reduce criminal incidences in the district and help reduce road accidents.

“We are grateful for the message which we hope will help us a lot when put into practice. Since we meet people from all walks of life, we sometimes fall victims of crime, so this will help us stay safe,” he said.