Coronavirus puts government on the spotlight

The government has come under fire for failing to enforce coronavirus preventive measures during presentation of presidential nomination papers in Blantyre on 6th and 7th May.

In its efforts to prevent further spread of the pandemic, the government came up with measures to be observed by the citizenry. In the measure package, it is stipulated that public gatherings must accommodate not more than 100 people, among others.

However, it was a different story during the presentation process as hundreds of people flooded the streets of Blantyre. There was no social distance among the mammoth crowds on both the first and last day of the procedure.

Supporters of two major political alliances thronged the streets to cheer the parties when they were presenting their papers.

In this picture are MCP-UTM supporters and in the picture above are DPP supporters during presentation of nomination on Wednesday and Thursday respectively

Some commentators are of the view that the government was supposed to walk the talk given that huge crowds are bleeding grounds for the spread of the novel coronavirus which is claiming lives every day.

“If the cases will rise the government will take the blame for lacking seriousness in enforcing the rules. With the way the streets were crowded, we run a great risk of registering more cases,” said Leston Chiphiko

Enelesi Hauya concurred with Chiphiko and she added that if this will be the trend then the government should open schools.

“There is no point closing schools but allowing public gatherings where there are many people. That is suicidal.” She said

Malawi has registered 43 cases of the coronavirus and there have been 14 recoveries and three deaths. The country is at risk of registering since more people are not following the preventive measures.




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