23 Malawians deported from Mozambique


Immigration authorities in Mozambique have deported 23 Malawian nationals who boarded a lorry on their way to South Africa.

Confirming the development to Malawi24 was Mwanza border public relations officer, Pasqually Zulu, who said the group arrived in the country on Saturday, February 15th, 2020.

Some of the deported Malawians

Zulu said 21 men and 2 women were arrested in Chimoio, Beira province for being found in a cargo van whilst in transit to the rainbow nation which is contrary to the laws of the land.

The publicist further said among the group, one of the deportees had no traveling document a development which fueled the deportation.

Malawian deportees were in custody for close to a week until Saturday when they were released and sent back to Malawi by the Mozambican authorities.

Meanwhile, they have all been released upon being advised on the need to use certified buses and during verification exercise, it has been noted that Mangochi and Machinga districts dominated.

The development comes after several efforts by the department of Immigration and Citizenship Services’ efforts in sensitising the general public on the need to use proper channel whenever they want to pass leave the country.