Woman steals two-week-old baby


A woman has stolen a newborn baby in Chiradzulu after lying to the child’s mother that she is a sister to the baby’s father.

The baby was stolen on Sunday at Mitawa Village, Traditional Authority Mpama.

The unknown woman visited the child’s family yesterday claiming that she is related to the child’s father.

The baby’s mother, Melia Bonzo, told police that the stranger came with gifts like clothes as it is a custom to many people whenever they want to visit a newly born baby.

“She came so innocently claiming that she is a sister to my husband. She said that she was sent to take me to where my husband is staying and I didn’t give it a second thought since I don’t know all my in-laws,” Bonzo lamented.

As Bonzo was getting prepared for the journey, the stranger disappeared with the baby and some people said that they saw her boarding a minibus heading to Limbe.

According to Yohane Tasowana, Public Relations Officer for Chiradzulu police, they are searching for the suspect.

“The suspect is tall, thin, black in complexion, and has a cataract (ng’ala) on her left eye. We are urging people that if they come across such a person, they should report to police so that the law should take its course,” said Tasowana.

Meanwhile, community members have said that the woman worked with a person from the village since it is impossible for a stranger to locate the house and steal the child.

The community members have since joined hands with the police in search for the suspect.