Malawi Police yet to interview Msundwe rape victims


Police say they are yet to interview women and girls who were raped by police officers in Lilongwe earlier this month.

Acting Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service, Duncan Mwapasa, said this when he met the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus today.

Mwapasa: Victims do not want to meet us

Mwapasa said the victims have refused to be interviewed by law enforcers who started investigating the matter over 10 days ago.

This comes amid calls from various quarters for the police to let an independent commission investigate the alleged rape of the women and girls from Msundwe, Mpingu and M’bwatalika trading centres in Lilongwe.

Reacting to the calls, the police boss assured the parliamentarians that suspects who will be identified during the investigations will be brought to book.

“There have been so many instances where police officers have misbehaved and it’s the same police who investigated their friends and justice prevailed,” said Mwapasa.

He added that that the Police Service has a zero tolerance stance to sexual abuse.

In the morning, the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus met with the NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) which is the organization that first revealed about the rape, abuse and torture of the women and girls.