MHRC calls for dialogue to end violence

Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has said it will reach out to all stakeholders including the government, political parties and religious leaders to address the continued incidences of  post-election violence.

Kanyuka: has called for dialogue

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe, Commissioner Rosemary Kumitsonyo Kanyuka said MHRC is greatly concerned about continued incidences of election related violence saying the country seems to be slowly degenerating into lawlessness and anarchy.

She pointed out  the killing of Police officer at Nsundwe, the death of a child at Queen Elizabeth, the death of Justin Phiri at Mzuzu prison, the brutal beating of  activist Billy Mayaya and also the injuries suffered by MDF Soldiers.

Kanyuka added that Malawi cannot afford to lose more lives to violence or put at risk its already vulnerable economy.

“The commission strongly believes that the solution lies in using the available legal framework to address the injustices but also a sincere and constructive dialogue, not violence,” she explained.

She added that the commission recognizes that there are some other underlying issues relating to unemployment, social justice, governance and social inequality which are leading to protests.

The demonstrations which the Human Rights Defenders Coalition has been conduction started after the May 21 elections. During the demonstrations, some protesters take advantage to damage property and loot shops.


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  1. Problem is with the so called riged government not opposition or civilians who are blindly robbed of their rights from 2014 and 2019 General elections
    Malawians were RAPED of their berthical rights and they can afford to be terrorised by Corruptors.
    Lastly advise Legal expert not to be bribed in favouring the monopoly leadership which was put into power through rigging the votes
    We are watching

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