Govt fails to table motion for Mwapasa’s confirmation

… As HRDC threatens Parliament shutdown

The Government on Friday failed to table a motion in Parliament for the confirmation of Duncan Mwapasa as Malawi Police Inspector General.

Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi was expected to move a motion today for approval of Mwapasa for the position.

Mwapasa (L) his confirmation has been delayed

However, on Friday morning, government prioritized other issues including a loan authorisation bill, and by the time they wanted to bring the issue of Mwapasa on the floor, there was little time left.

The opposition then rejected government’s attempts to extend the day’s session and move the motion to confirm Mwapasa.

This means the motion will be brought back in the house next week.

On Thursday, the opposition Members of Parliament also denied to hear the motion for the appointment of the Police boss accusing the government side of flouting the procedures for the presentation of the motion.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has threatened to shut down parliament if the House approves Mwapasa.

The coalition has warned that it will stage protests at the Parliament if the Members of Parliament approve Mwapasa who is being accused of being pro-Democratic Progressive Party.

HRDC fears that Mwapasa will be executing his duties with bias and prejudice.

The HRDC have been conducting demonstrations for the past three months demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.