‘Go and tell your God to come speak to me directly’


The man who was violently assaulted in Lilongwe allegedly on homosexuality accusations has challenged those accusing him of being a sinner to go and ask their God to speak to him in person.

Lawrence Phiri was beaten up on Sunday allegedly for promoting homosexuality in the country. He wrote on his Facebook account about the attack.

Some people commenting on the post – which has since been deleted – told Phiri to repent saying homosexuality is forbidden by the bible.

Today, Phiri has responded saying his sexuality is not an issue of choice.

He challenged people justifying his attack with bible verses to set up a meeting with God so that he can speak to him directly.

“You can directly DM me so that I should meet your God and you too and please this God of yours better come smelling nice because from the way you are describing your God and how your God hates people like me, it simply shows that your God and what you worship is nasty,” Phiri wrote.

He also reiterated that he is planning to take the matter to court.

Phiri’s attackers left him with a cut on the head. He said yesterday that he knows the people who assaulted him.



  1. And the court will support him in the name of this satanic word human rights. Don’t embrace evil he is suppose to be stoned to death. Homosexual is detestable in God’s eyes so is abortion.

  2. God is kindness and love…. you dont inflict pain on a person because they are a sinner. I didn’t see anyone stoning cashgaters, adulterers, wife beaters nor child molesters….

    Pray for those you perceive to be in sin that God can change them

  3. He must NOT be worried about to set a meeting with God cos that is exactly what will happen. Do not be fooled God will NEVER be mocked.

  4. If the man is really trying to challenge God, then he is making a big mistake. God will throw him into Hell in the next life. He simply needs to repent, or if he chooses to practise his homosexuality he should do it quietly, not promoting it.

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