FAM elections divide Northern Region association


Two camps have emerged in the Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) as members are divided on which candidate to endorse for the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidency.

The national association will hold elections in December this year.

According to an inside source, there are disagreements between NFRA members on who to endorse between the current FAM president Walter Nyamilandu Manda and his deputy James Mwenda.

Nyamilandu is yet to confirm if he will stand again while Mwenda has already expressed intention to contest.

The NRFA recently endorsed Mwenda but the endorsement was withdrawn a few days later.

“When Mwenda visited the North some top Exco members were not there. Let me not hide here, there are misunderstandings between Chairperson of the Association Lameck Khonje and his Vice Felix Mbonekela Msiska over the endorsement of the FAM president.

“Khonje ordered his team which include NRFA General Secretary and Treasure to endorse Mwenda while Msiska and some members want Nyamilandu,” the source said.

NRFA Chairperson Khonje and General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu will stand as Second Vice president and Exco member respectively in the FAM elections.

In an interview, one of the football followers in the North Malani Mnyenyembe said the divisions are there because the NRFA officials are looking to benefit from the elections.

“They want to benefit without looking at the future of football in Malawi,” said Mnyenyembe.