DPP cadets beat up protesters

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers came to the rescue of protesters who were attacked by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets in Blantyre.

The DPP supporters roughed up people who were gathering at Chichiri Upper Stadium to start marching on Friday morning.

One of the suspected DPP cadets

According to reports, the incident happened in full view of police officers and it took the intervention of Malawi Army soldiers for the cadets to disperse.

The soldiers beat up the suspected cadets, leaving some of them with injuries.

Demonstrations in Blantyre started after the High Court granted organisers an injunction to conduct the protests. The organisers were forced to go to court because the Blantyre City Council did not allow them to hold demonstrations.

In Chitipa, there were also incidents of violence during Anti-Ansah demonstrations with protesters setting alight the district’s forestry offices after presenting their petition.

The demonstrators also broke into Chipiku Store and Farmers World shop where they went away with stole computers and mattresses.

Police in the district managed to arrest two of the looters.

The demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah over her handling of the May 21 presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Organisers of the countrywide demonstrations – Human Rights Defenders Coalition – say they will conduct protests at State Houses and lodges if Ansah refuses to resign after today’s demonstrations.



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  2. Shop yanu ikathyoledwa take pictures summon malawi government to the courts, refference case MULLI Vs Malawi Government.

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